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He was an enterprising, curious and not least courageous man. He quickly learned that what was spent on raw materials could be doubled when sold as candles – and soon he needed bigger pots.

Initially the company resided in an old dairy. In 1977 they moved to the present premises on Hedevej in Løgumkloster, Denmark.


Ahead of his time Mr. Jens Andersen made experiments with concept solutions and started selling candles together with applied art and interior products.

A lot of wax has gone in and out of the molds since Mr. Jens Andersen experimented in his own kitchen in 1970.

Our Story

Today they are natural cornerstones in the proud family company where new standards as to high quality, exciting design, beautiful surfaces and impressive finish are continuously set. On-going product developments ensure that new ideas, details, qualities, and combinations find their way to the shop shelves.

Things went fast and each of the 4 children born in the first years after establishment, grew accustomed to candle wax.

Taking care of everything from new partnerships, Trade Fairs, to patents, and helping clients in the ever-growing compliance departments.


With a more than 50 years of track record, our business plan is proven, and we're confident when saying our next step is scaling our client base and products to a global level.

With the 3rd generation getting in place, focus is still on quality, yet scalability, and the fact that we need to contribute to a better tomorrow.

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